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Golden Place provides a great selection of all your Chinese favourites. Our aim is to provide genuine and authentic Chinese to our customers at reasonable rates. Try Golden Place, where you're sure to get wonderful food delivered straight to you.

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  • Worst Chinese I have ever eaten. Not only did it turn up 30 minutes late but the driver was rude and aggressive. The food was awful yeah it was warm but was disgusting the starter I paid £8.80 for was pitiful and will definitely not be ordering again. Absolute rubbish. Don't want to give any stars.


  • I had an awful experience with a local Chinese who I complained to as the food was 20 minutes late. The food was cold and bland, When I rang up and complained the phone was put down on me and then they rang me back around about 15 minutes later requesting we bring the food back. Having paid for delivery and unable to get to them unless we walked 20 mins. They where unable to resolve the issue so I informed I’ll be ringing when the boss gets back on Monday. They then arrived at our address without permission, suggesting that we prove the poor quality of the food. The lady from the Chinese continued to raise her voice to my partner, to which my partner had to ask her to lower her voice due to neighbours and it being nearly 11pm. To prove we did not eat the food which we portioned onto our plates my partner removed the bin from the kitchen and brought it to the front door as the lady wanted to see proof of this. arriving and knocking at such a late hour. And again insisting that we bring the food back ourselves when a delivery charge and service charge was made. We only requested a refund of our money in return for the Chinese which was placed back in the correct containers and bag.


  • I called after waiting 1.5 hours and they were “just cooking it”. Not the first time either. Don’t use. rubbish!


  • amazing as always! devastated that we have moved to an area which the best Chinese in Plymouth does not deliver to, what will I do?!? thank you for never letting me down and for always serving the best Chinese in Plymouth!


  • Great food terrible delivery time late as usual


  • food was 40mins late (even though we ordered in the morning for an evening delivery). When food arrived it was nothing special. very disappointing dinner to say the least.


  • Flavour way fairly bland across the board including the prawn crackers.


  • Delivered nearly 30min late, & not even an apology from the delivery girl, just handed the order over to my wife, said 'curry', & left! Not impressed!


  • excellent value for money, food hot and stunning as always,


  • Amazing food amazing presentation and super fast service! Definitely will be coming back


  • First time trying golden place and I'm very impressed since I am a very picky eater when it comes to choosing a good Chinese restaurant. But i can honestly say the food was amazing. The crispy seaweed and duck was to die for and the amount of food I ordered for 3 people was plenty to feed an extra two mouths very pleased. They respected my picky food requests as well definitely be ordering from now!!


  • Stunning as always! Quick delivery, food hot and plenty of! Tastiest and best Chinese in Plymouth!


  • Never go anywhere else!


  • Unfortunately this isn't a positive review, chips were hollow and greasy, rice was certainly not fried it was boiled completely white and no flavour and it was all very bland and tasteless


  • Excellent food, quick service food piping hot. Only Chinese that we use! !